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'Warta OC Komfort' package recognised as the Discovery of the Year

The 'Warta OC Komfort' package with direct claims handling within the 'OC Szybka Wypłata' insurance has been recognised as the Discovery of the Year in the national Consumer Laurel competition for 2014. This award confirms that the solutions used by Warta meet the customers' expectations.

'Warta OC Komfort' package includes compulsory motor third party liability insurance (OC) as well as benefits thanks to which customers buy a policy for themselves, not under obligation. It is thanks to the launch of such benefits in early 2014 that the jury of the Consumer's Laurel competition awarded the title "Discovery of the Year 2014" to this insurance.

"We believe that customers will be increasingly looking for good third-party liability insurance that will provide assistance after an accident. Therefore, the 'Warta OC Komfort' package includes both assistance and direct claims handling within our 'OC Szybka Wypłata' insurance. Thanks to that, customers choosing our package have guaranteed assistance in the case of an accident, regardless of whether they caused it or not. If they are not responsible for the accident, we also provide them with support at the claims handling stage. On top of that, we guarantee that discounts will be maintained in spite of any loss," says Bartosz Olszycki, Director of the Motor Products Development Office at Warta.

This package is a response to our customers' expectations. According to surveys commissioned by Warta, a massive 71% of drivers would prefer their insurer to handle any claims under the policy of the perpetrator of the accident. It is just such a service, the so called direct claim handling, that is guaranteed by 'OC Szybka Wypłata' insurance. The terms and conditions of this insurance stipulate that Warta will manage all the formalities connected with the whole process. From the consumers' point of view, this is very important. As every second driver is concerned about problems related to claims handling by an insurance company which he or she does not know.

The situation where customers contact their insurer directly concerning any issue seemed the most natural to the survey participants. As many as 53% of the respondents would report a loss event to their insurer in a situation caused by the fault of another driver. However, only 42% of respondents would act in accordance with the previous standard and report the loss event to the other party's insurer. 5% of the drivers surveyed would not know what to do in such a situation.

"It is clear that the direct claim handling process is more intuitive and friendly for most drivers. It enables them to decide which insurer will handle their claim. Under such a scheme, customers will be more willing to choose the insurance company that offers assistance after an accident and a customer-friendly compensation process," says Adam Fulneczek, Director of the Claims Handling Strategy Department at Warta.


Information concerning drivers' expectations were obtained from the CATIBUS survey, carried out by Millward Brown between 26 and 29 September 2014 on a nationally representative sample of 438 drivers.


About the award

The Consumer Laurel is a national consumer project which for over a decade has been selecting the most popular products and brands in several hundred categories. The Consumer Laurel – Discovery of the Year is granted to new products and services that are innovative and which, while only available on the market for a relatively short period of time, already attracts customers. A product / service is nominated for the award by the Editorial Verification Team, which evaluates innovativeness, potential market success and anticipated growth in popularity.

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