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Warta reinforces in life insurances

TUnŻ “WARTA” S.A. and HDI-Gerling Życie TU S.A. have joined their forces. The newly created entity will be one of the leaders in the life insurance market in Poland.

– It is a chance for all of us to build a company whose size will correspond to our ambitions and the established position of our non-life company, says Jarosław Parkot, CEO of TUnŻ “WARTA” S.A. (life) and TUiR “WARTA” S.A.(non-life)

A clear strategy will help us achieve this goal. The priority is to increase the portfolio share of insurance plans with regular premium. Bancassurance and group insurance sales are believed to be essential for the company success in 2014. Individual insurance sales are expected to develop gradually.

New company, new quality

Recent thorough modifications in the company offer are expected to attract new clients.

– While preparing for the merger, we worked out a brand new, simple and transparent range of life insurance products. Their modern and flexible structure fully complies with the best practices on the market. This means that our agents all around Poland will be able to easily propose an insurance product suitable for a particular client, says Jarosław Parkot.

Obviously, the same high standards are fulfilled by our offers customised for business partners. The company’s extensive experience makes it possible to create almost any insurance programme. For instance, in mid-2013 Warta and Orange launched an insurance plan for pre-paid mobile customers, unique not only in Poland, but also on a European scale. Before, such an offer was only available to clients with pay-monthly contracts.

– It is one of the numerous examples demonstrating that we are open to new ideas and not afraid of innovation, says Jarosław Parkot.

The aim of the company is to provide the clients with best quality services. Therefore, starting from the merger, all clients will be able to submit life insurance claims online. Once a special form is completed online www.warta.pl and supporting documents are submitted electronically, we will be able to quickly deal with the client’s case. So far, this option has only been available to those insured with Warta.

Client assurance

The merger of TUnŻ “WARTA” S.A. and HDI-Gerling Życie TU S.A. was registered by the Court on December 30th, 2013. The entity so created will be known as Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie “WARTA” S.A. (“Warta” S.A. Life Insurance Company).

– I believe that this is a good decision for all of us. Warta has been a well-known brand and it has been highly recognised by the Poles for many years. This means we do not need to be introduced to the clients, explains Jarosław Parkot.

As a part of the merger, the current management teams of both companies are now on the body of TUnŻ “WARTA” S.A. Jarosław Parkot is the President of the Board, and Paweł Bednarek, Maciej Friedel, Krzysztof Kudelski, Hubert Mordka, Jarosław Piątkowski, Rafał Stankiewicz and Witold Walkowiak remain the company Vice-Presidents.

The merger procedure followed a plan approved by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. Naturally, all contracts entered into by the clients of both companies remain in force and guarantee an uninterrupted insurance protection.

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