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Warta Mobile – the first mobile claim handling solution in Poland

Claims handling through a smartphone? Yes, it’s possible with Warta. The Warta Mobile application is hitting the market right now. This mobile claim adjustment assistant enables Warta customers to manage their claim handling process on an ongoing basis. It is the first such application in Poland, and one of the first in Europe.

A new era in claim adjustment

Warta Mobile is a solution that changes the face of claim adjustment. Not only involving the digitalisation of customer service, it is primarily a significant change in the path of the insurance claim process.

“Mobile claim management definitely changes the customer – insurer relationship. Its essence is the customer having greater control and influence over the course of the claim adjustment process,” says Rafał Stankiewicz, Vice-President of the Management Board of Warta. “By using the Warta Mobile application, customers gain access to their case from any place and at any time. They may also quickly contact us.”

Mobile claim adjustment assistant

The WARTA Mobile application allows the customer to navigate the claim adjustment process in Warta easily by making the claim available “on-line”. Customers can keep track of their claims. They know, thanks to the “push” messages, what actions the adjuster is taking and what responses may be expected from them. They may also contact the adjuster through a messenger. The application also facilitates the exchange of documents between the customer and Warta.

“Thanks to Warta Mobile, the customer can promptly react to their case, such as by sending required documents. And they can do so easily – by taking a picture of a document or damaged item with their mobile phone and then sending this through the application. This means the end of scanning documents, faxing and mailing them via regular post to the insurer – because a smartphone is enough to do all these things,” explains Emil Krajewski, the project leader.

What is important, the application is integrated with the claim adjustment management system. Therefore each document sent is automatically added to the electronic customer’s claim folder, allowing the adjuster to take immediate action. The application may also be used to inspect the damage on-line. The customer’s smartphone is also used to make such an inspection. All this cuts the duration of the procedure to the minimum.

An application for everyone

Warta Mobile is an application for all Warta customers managing their claims from any individual insurance – road traffic, household, travel, personal, etc. It is enough to have a smartphone based on the iOS or Android system to use the application. A link to the shop to download the free application is sent to the customer by the consultant dealing with the claim.

A forerunner of new technologies for insurance

Customer care and the provision of the quality services have been driving Warta for years. The company already successfully applies a number of innovative solutions. Last year it was the first on the market to introduce an application to make a remote inspection. It also implemented one of the most technically and process-wise advanced applications for the management of orders for mobile assessors. Warta also develops a simplified claim adjustment procedure on a wide scale. Each of these solutions form part of a modern system that saves time and increases customer satisfaction. Now Warta goes one step further, overtaking the competition by making new market functionalities a reality.

“We keep looking for solutions that are ahead of the expectations of the customers and provide the direction for development on the insurance market. Today when smartphones have become domestic technology and mobile applications are part of our every day life, creating an application supporting the customer when things are difficult for them is a natural step towards the improvement of service quality,” says Rafał Stankiewicz.


You can watch the movie describing Warta Mobile.

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