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WARTA – new opening, new logo

TUiR WARTA changes the logotype. The new logo refers to the Talanx Group – the new main shareholder of the company. At the same time the new logo allows to preserve the continuity with the brand that has been known in Poland since 1920, highly valued and recognized. The new modern logo emphasizes the quality of the offer, insurer’s friendliness and its innovativeness – the values of the new organization that is being built in the process of combining WARTA and HDI Asekuracja.

- The new WARTA logo attracts attention and it is very modern. Its similarity to the Talanx logo is a clear statement that WARTA is now a member of the Talanx Group. Poland is now our second core market - says Herbert K. Haas, the CEO of Talanx.

He adds that the decision to keep WARTA brand was obvious from the beginning. The brand is so strong, highly valued and recognized in Poland that it strongly affects the company’s value. Talanx strategy assumes having different brands on different markets and with different profiles thus the concept can be successfully executed in Poland as well.

 - We have changed the logo for two reasons. Firstly – we are creating a completely new organization and the new logo should reflect the real spirit of WARTA, its modernity, innovativity and openness. Secondly, because of the change of the shareholder, we could not keep the previous logo based on the image of the previous shareholder, and we wanted the new logo to emphasize our membership to Talanx Group,“ says Jarosław Parkot, the CEO of  WARTA.

He explains that the new organization is ‘created’ on the basis of two companies - TUiR WARTA and HDI Asekuracja TU - that are being combined. The merger has already been accepted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and now the procedures connected to the formal conclusion of the process are in progress.

The completion of this merger is planned for the turn of the year. Following the strategic decision of the management board of Talanx International, after the merger’s completion two brands – WARTA and HDI Asekuracja – will be kept in the segment of nonlife retail sales. Two separate retail sales networks will also be kept.

“Each brand has its regular clients, its specific characteristics and profile. That is why we believe that upholding two brands and two separate sales networks will allow us to reach a wide range of customers. WARTA is to be an insurer for every Pole,” says Jarosław Parkot.

The sales force of the combined companies will be one of the largest in Poland. Together there will be over 450 branch offices. WARTA will have  about 8 000 exclusive agencies and multiagencies under which insurance will be sold by over 20 000 thousand people.

- Separate branch offices, sales forces and products are some of not many things that will stay unchanged. The procedures concerning after sales customer services will be unified to ensure one high quality standard for each client -  says Jarosław Parkot.

Rebranding will be supported with the biggest marketing campaign in the history of WARTA, which will last till the end of the year. It will include six different spots in the major TV stations. The advertisement will also be visible in the cinemas, on the posters, in the press and on Internet.


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